'Choice' vs. insurers 'preferred' repairer

If you are at all concerned about how well your car is going to be treated after an incident and want to make sure you have a say in how the repairs are going to get carried out, you should always go with a policy that allows you a choice of repairer.

Is choice of repairer important?

It is a better option to pay a little extra and get your own choice of repairer as you will have more control over the repair process and quality of work.
Here is some of the big benefits of picking your own repairer:

  • You can repair specialist cars. Choice of repairer is vital for owners of prestige or vintage cars. Taking your vehicle to someone who is a specialised in this field will lead to better outcomes than a repairer used and is just working on regular vehicles, they may lack the experience and technical skills.
  • You might not have to travel as far. While preferred repairers could be almost anywhere, you can choose to take your car somewhere in your local area. This can save you a lot of time and hassle in getting it there, checking in on the progress of repairs, and picking it up when it's completed.
  • You won't need to wait in line for a repairer to look at your car. Preferred repairers can have a big backlog of repairs to be done due to the high volume of work they get from insurers.
  • Taking your vehicle somewhere that can get the repairs done as soon as possible can cut down the time you're left waiting without a car.
  • Quality repairs. Your own repairer will use high-quality parts, and correct repair method resulting is quality repairs.

So don’t get caught out, make sure, your policy includes the 'choice of repairer' benefit so you can nominate your preferred repairer.